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Reketye Session Lager 0,33L

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Manufacturer: Reketye
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You don't expect much from a lager, but understated things tend to have hidden value. Beer, as we knew it since for ever in this part of the world, has allways been a very much german and czech influenced world of lagers, with the occasional wheatbeer thrown in. The artwork has a bitter-sweet story. In the 1930's our grandfather was a young boy, one of seven children, and the son of a locksmith. And you can imagine they were really poor. They lived very close to Budapest, but still a small village. There were days when there was no work, although his father, did any job he could find, including repairing bicyle tyres. So when there was no money for food, the boys were sent outside to play, and they would throw pushpins on the road and when a cyclist had a puncture, they promplty offered them help and guided them to their father's shop. We know, this is hardly legal, but it is a good inspiration that sometimes you have to work hard to get something simple, and that resonates with this beer.


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