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The Wild Beer Co, - Breakfast of Champignons 2018 0,33L

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Manufacturer: The Wild Beer Co.
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,,Chanterelle mushrooms, Puy Lentils, Parsley & White Peppercorns

2018 sees the sequel to our infamous mushroom beer -Breakfast of Champignons. This years new recipe uses Chanterelle mushrooms (as opposed to penny buns) seasoned with white peppercorns and parsley. Bright acidic character plays off of the earthiness of the mushrooms and the toasted oak finds synergy with cracked white pepper. Interesting doesn’t cover it! 

Our head brewer Stu is also a Mycologist - he likes long walks and tasty mushrooms - so it was inevitable that we would end up with mushrooms in our beer at some point. His recipe encapsulates the perfect reward after a day of foraging - wild mushrooms with white pepper and a squeeze of lemon on toast. All elements of the flavour profile in Breakfast of Champignons. Weird, but worth it. 

Food Pairing:

The perfect pairing for this beer would be wild mushrooms on toast. The beer’s mushroom derived umami will stand up to some seriously intense flavours while the acidity will cut through any richness or fat. You can also think of the beer as an addition to a dish - Replace your white wine in a mushroom risotto with Breakfast Of Campignons and reduce it down to a create a beautiful sauce.


  • Mushroom Earthiness

  • Cracked White Pepper

  • Toasted Oak "


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