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The Wild Beer Co, - Ghost Zapper 0,33L

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Manufacturer: The Wild Beer Co.
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,,Brewed back in 2017, Ghost Zapper started as a relatively simple recipe yet evolved through spending over 14 months in one of our Napa Valley red wine foudres. This oak ageing highlights how yeast and bacteria can build layers of complexity and depth, without the need for further blending. Ghost zapper is our second collaboration with Magic Rock Brewing following on from our bretted oat IPA - ‘Men Who Stare At Oats’. This time we bring the Wild and Magic together for something completely different!

This single foudre release has been inoculated with the lees of a beer called Squashed Grape. This beer has been fermented with the local microflora present on the grape skins; giving stunning aromas of ripe stone fruit and a bright vinous acidity balanced by oak and a little brown sugar richness from the malt."


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