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The Wild Beer Co. Jambo 0,33L

3.85€ 3.6575
Manufacturer: The Wild Beer Co.
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Expected delivery: December 01, 2020


,,Imperial Stout + Chocolate + Raspberries

An imperial stout brewed with raspberries and Valrhona cocoa nibs. Rich flavours of chocolate and fruit collide with boozy heat.

Building on our repertoire of wild stouts we have combined our love of locally foraged fruits with our penchant for sweet dark beers. The combination of fruit and chocolate is always amazing and what better way to combat the cold nights of the changing seasons than with a rich warming stout? Specially packaged in 750ml bottles to encourage sharing, it’s a beer to be savoured and divvied out to those you deem fit.


  • Chocolate

  • Tart

  • Rich"


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