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Operator of the site:

Beerselection Kft.
E-mail: info@beerselection.hu
Company registration number: 01-09-344980
Tax Number: 26133935-2-42
Statistical code: 26133935-4791-113-03
Headquarters: 1084 Budapest, Vig utca 11-13. 3rd floor. 22nd
Location: 1085 Budapest, József utca 22-24.
Account number: 10700567-70507322-51100005 - CIB Bank
Authority which has registered Kecskemét Court of Registration
Data handling registration number: Naihan-96629/2016.

The company is a member of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Ltd. Web Server.
Address: 4025, Pasti Street 2nd

Data protection
The parties have a prospectus in accordance with the privacy protection measures required, which is available on public websites of the Parties. For more information on data management includes data management information.

The scope of the contract parties involved in the purchasing

The www.beerselection.hu www.beerselection.eu and websites can use only 18 aged persons, goods and services may have only persons over 18 years. The website can be viewed only if the user declares it to at least 18 years of age. If the ordered package includes spirits, the courier can only be through that part of the package, which can only be 18 or older can enjoy if he can demonstrate to the satisfaction of receiving at least 18 years of age.

range of products available for purchase

The displayed products are available exclusively online at. The products included in the product range as well, available opt-in basis, posted monthly in stock. The subscriptions may have a length of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. The pre-order needs to be info@beerselection.hu indicate the exact name of the product / products e-mail address.

The products offered can be categorized as follows:
Beer: a wide selection of Hungarian and foreign beers
other products linked to the topic of beer
bottle openers

The display product images are included for illustration only and may differ from reality.

Select Product
The customer has the option to choose, or to order products from the store. Click on the selected product to the customer to view more details. In case you want to buy the product purchase intent puts a virtual basket by pressing the "Add" button. The cart can find by clicking on "View" button in the shopping cart into products, and the final amount of the invoice and shipping costs when buying. Here they can check on order are correct, particularly with regard to prices and quantities that can be altered as desired, may also improve. The basket will automatically calculate the final amount of the order. In addition, it is possible to enforce specific credit coupons in the coupon redemption ,, "option.

Send your order
If you hold the quantity of products placed in appropriate basket, checked in total and decided that you want to buy them, you can simply click on the "Checkout" button. Then you have to choose the option that you want to enter as a registered buyer, you want to register as a new customer, or you want to buy without registration

To register as a new customer, you can enter the data necessary for the purchase, which are stored in the system, and you only need to buy the next time you log in.
If you've purchased at our store, you enter entered during the previous registration e-mail address and password and login system.

Next, select the appropriate mode of transport (eg. Foxpost or delivery) and payment (cash on delivery, payment by credit card or bank transfer). If you agree with the content of the order, the order is sent, click the "Checkout" button. The processing of orders received happening every weekday 10-18.

Our prices are valid at the time the order list prices, which are found in addition to the products in the webshop. Prices in £ include 27% VAT. The prices we reserve the right to change prices. prices are on the site do not include shipping costs. The shipping costs during the checkout process before finalizing the order, as well as between the Terms and Conditions can be found. If the webshop errors or defects on the products or the prices, we reserve the right to correction. In such cases, immediately after the discovery and correction of informing the customer of the new data. The customer can confirm the order again after this, or it is possible that either party may withdraw from the contract.
Data entry errors possibility of improving
improve data entry errors before you can press the button "Order". Before finalizing the order is the customer a summary page. Here, all data entered is clearly visible (eg. The delivery address). If an error is detected anywhere in the Amendment ,, you can make appropriate changes "button.

Order confirmation
We send e-mail feedback from all the ordering. This means that after giving up the order the customer will receive an automatic e-mail receipt of the order. Later you will be sent a confirmation email delivery address any further information. In the event that the customer requests the product as a gift, and this is indicated in the purchase after the purchase of electronic invoice will be sent to your e-mail address.

Shipping methods
Pick up at bottlehsop 1085 Budapest, József utca 22-24. - between Blaha Lujza Square and Rákóczi

890 Ft
Free above 15.000 Ft

Home delivery
1490 Ft
Free above 20.000 Ft

International Shipping

Delivery time:
Within 1-10 working days from the date of processing orders received. In some cases, depending on the receipt of the goods a few days shall be possible.

A special orders not submitted as a package deal we can, nevertheless, in all cases we try to find the most favorable conditions for the customer. Now we do not ship abroad!

During the purchase process, the shipping charges in all cases the website automatically filled in based on the selected mode of transport and products in the basket.

Payment Terms
In our store you can bank transfer, cash on delivery our shop it is possible to pay by cash or credit card with a credit card or some delivery points (eg. FoxPost package automatic) payments as well.
The cash on delivery fee is uniformly 390 Ft

Advance transfer
to offset the purchase price of the product is possible in advance for your reference. The advantage is that the amount transferred or received within a few hours, so the delivery already take place that day.

In our shop (1085 Budapest, József utca 22-24. - between Blaha Lujza Square and Rákóczi Square) is also possible cash on cash and credit card payments.
COD with Foxpost shipping is not available
COD with Home Delivery is available
COD with International Shipping is not available

The delivery cancellation
If the shop did not fulfill his obligations under the contract because the goods specified in the contract is not available, or the ordered service is not able to provide, it shall inform the customer.
The shop does not enter into a contract with minors, customers 18 years of age must complete. The customer declares acceptance of the terms of trade to an adult.

Product Return
The product can only be returned in original condition and packaging, complete quantitative and qualitative state.

Information on the conditions of contract
The contract language is Hungarian, signed the contract is not considered to have been concluded in writing. A signed contract is not enacted, it will not be subsequently available and does not indicate any code of conduct. Please note that any typographical errors, incorrect data we do not assume any responsibility! The product descriptions in the product pages for information purposes only, not always contain all the information about a particular product.

right of withdrawal
The customer can withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days if mailed enter a document containing the intention to withdraw no later than the 14th day. The customer's right of withdrawal be exercised from the date when the goods are received. The vendor is obliged to the amount paid by the customer without delay and refund within thirty days after the cancellation.
The customer bears the right of withdrawal, the cost of returning the goods. In the case where part of a package or not certain he will be handed over, because the buyer was under the age of 18 or at the request of the courier demonstrate credibly do not know the cost of the return shipping paid by the customer in this case too. In addition, the customer will not be charged more.
However, the vendor may claim damages resulting from improper use of the goods compensation. If the right of withdrawal based on returned goods is not perfect, re-salable condition, then the customer liable for damage if the deterioration, ruin of, or otherwise reproducing impossibility of the status of the goods was caused by intentional or negligent.
If the resolution in this product turns out the person making the delivery (delivery by post, courier) in the presence of their proven defective, and the damage arose prior to the receipt of goods, to take back the product, sales provide immediate deletion. Any kind of injury, Content deficit must include the factual Protocol between donor-recipient during the post delivery! Subsequent tartalomhiányért can not possibly be held responsible for injury!
The purchaser is not entitled to the right (objective, absolute) customer cancellation without cause by the distributed nature of the product, in respect of qualifying food products. Due to retention of food hygiene, storage, food safety rules in the purchaser uncontrollable is the dealer returned from the consumer product resale of consumers would cause a danger, therefore, after a transfer into the buyer to withdraw without justification precluded such a product.
Government Decree on the exercise of the right of withdrawal can download the text on the following page >>>
For more information about the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the National Authority for Consumer Protection website.
If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, please contact me at the info@beerselection.hu this intention!

Modify, delete order
The 2001 CVIII. According to the Act sends the order to the customer immediately upon delivery of the notice of sale software for web recording of the fact of ordering. This notice does not constitute an agreement between the seller and buyer contract! Only shows the customer that the order needs have registered and forwarded to the competent colleague sale system.
If the customer's e-mail does not arrive within 48 hours, the customer tenders ties disappear.
The seller will give you the opportunity to fulfill the order of the start of the withdrawal of customer orders electronically. The fulfillment of orders at the start of the customer will be notified of the expected duration of completion and commencement of performance of facts by email, then you only have available for ordering via the contact addresses listed under "Contact Us" menu item
subsequent amendments to the order can only be made in writing via e-mail